Major General's Review

Trooping the Colour

The Major General's Review

Saturday 1st June 2024 Booking Details
Colonel's Review

Trooping the Colour

The Colonel's Review

Saturday 8th June 2024 Booking Details
King's Review

Trooping the Colour

The King's Birthday Parade

Saturday 15th June 2024 Booking Details

Welcome to the online ticket booking website for Trooping the Colour (the King's Birthday Parade)

Trooping the Colour – The Major General's Review Saturday 1st June 2024

Trooping the Colour – The Colonel's Review Saturday 8th June 2024

You can purchase and secure tickets directly for the first two events.
Tickets for these events range from £5 to £15.

Trooping the Colour – The King's Birthday Parade Saturday 15th June 2024

You can enter the ballot for seated tickets to the third event, and purchase standing tickets directly. Tickets for this event range from £10 to £30.

Please select the event you are interested in above for more details and to make a booking.

What to expect

I can’t find my tickets or booking reference number, what do I do?
If you have your booking reference number you can go to this URL, enter your email address and booking reference number and press the button to resend your tickets:

If you can’t find your email with the booking reference, you can go to this URL and try different email addresses to retrieve your booking details. You can try as many combinations of names and email addresses as you like. The system will send you an email with a link to download your tickets if the system has a booking using your email address and the name or postcode provided.

Emails from this Self-Help Portal come from ‘’.

If you think you may have entered your email address incorrectly, then the system won’t be able to send you an email, so let us know on and we will try and find your booking using any other relevant information you can provide (such as booking reference number, full name, etc).
I’m having trouble booking online, can I request help?
If you are having problems with making a booking you can email: with your issue.
For queries about the event itself please refer to the information in this 'What to expect' section.
Do young children require tickets?
Infants up to the age of 2 years old do not require a ticket, provided they are sitting on a Parent or Guardian’s lap. Consideration should be given to the suitability of this Parade for young children.
Are pets allowed?
No, unless it is a Guide or Assistance dog. The owner must be in possession of a certificate.
Are toilet facilities available?
There are very limited Portaloos, mostly behind the stands, therefore we strongly advise you to use public conveniences before entering Horse Guards Parade. Please speak to an usher if you suffer from a medical condition or ailment meaning you may need to use the facilities during the parade.
How do I access the parade?
Whitehall Entrance:
Charing Cross Station, Embankment or Westminster.
North Side:
Trafalgar Square via Charing Cross Station/ Embankment.
South Side:
St James Park via Petty France & Birdcage Walk or Westminster.
What time does the event start?
Visitors should be seated by 10:30. You must allow sufficient time – at least 50 mins – to clear security. The Whitehall Gate will close at 10:00 – if you arrive after this time you will be directed to make your way to a different entrance which may result in you not being granted access.
What are the Parade timings?
The Whitehall Gate will close at 10:00. All other entrances will close by 11:00. Any late arrivals will not be granted access to the parade ground.
How long does the Parade take?
The parade starts at 10:30am and finishes approx. 12:25pm.
Are cameras allowed?
A camera for private use only. Please do not use a flash as it could scare the horses.
There is nowhere that a drone can be legally used in and around Horse guards, the surrounding parks or any area in central London.
Is headwear required?
Hats are optional but are recommended for paying the necessary compliments to the Colours as they pass, as well as giving the necessary protection from the sun.
Is there wheelchair access?
There is wheelchair access through the Whitehall Gate. From there, you will be guided to the designated viewing area.
Is parking available?
Please note there will be NO parking or dropping off facilities available in Whitehall or the surrounding areas of Horse Guards for these events. Vehicles will not be allowed within these areas.
What are the nearest rail and tube stations?
The nearest Railway Stations are Charing Cross, Waterloo and Victoria.
The nearest Tube Stations are Westminster, Embankment, Charing Cross, St James’s Park and Victoria.
You must go through the correct security checkpoint for your stand (North, East or South).
What can I bring?
  • A clear water bottle (which you must take with you when you leave).
  • A camera for private use only. Please do not use a flash as it could scare the horses.
  • Suitable clothing for the weather.
Guests are asked to keep personal possessions to a minimum in order to assist with security searches. A bag or other bulky items could lead to you being delayed during the security checks on entry and missing the event.
Will the Parade be cancelled in bad weather?
The Parade is unlikely to be cancelled owing to bad weather but the possibility cannot be discounted, especially if there were to be thunder and lightning forecast which would scare the horses. The last time the Parade was cancelled due to weather was in 1948. The Parade was also cancelled in 1955 owing to a rail strike. It is recommended you bring a coat as the weather may change during the course of the Parade. Umbrellas are not to be brought to Horse Guards.
Can I buy a programme?
Official Souvenir Programmes will be available to buy on the day of the Major General’s Review, the Colonel’s Review and the King’s Birthday Parade itself. Look for Guardsmen selling programmes in the vicinity of the entrance points to Horse Guards Parade. Official Programmes cost £10 each and it would help if you had a £10 note available as change may be limited.
How do I access Horse Guards Parade?
Depending on which stand you have been allocated, you will need to go through the correct security checkpoint as follows:

Stands A, B and C - via The Mall, Horse Guards Road (north) and Admiralty Citadel.
Stands D, E, F and Wheelchair – via Whitehall and Horse Guards Arch.
Stands G, H and J - via Downing Street and Treasury Passage (for the Major General's Review and Colonel's Review only). On the day of The King's Birthday Parade, stand G will access the same as Stands D, E,F (above) and stands H & J will access the same as stands K, L, M, N (below).
Stands K, L, M and N - via Birdcage Walk/Great George Street and Horse Guards Road (south) and Churchill War Rooms.

Basic toilet facilities are available between stands C and D.

Please check the map provided on your ticket to view the entrance points for each Stand/enclosure. You must use the entry point for your stand. If you try to use a different entry point, you may be re-directed to the correct one which will involve more walking and take more time.
Please arrive in good time (minimum of 50 minutes in advance) to allow for security searches. Children over the age of 2 cannot be admitted without a ticket.
What if I need assistance on the day?
Military ushers will be on hand to help anyone who needs it. If you’re looking a little lost, don’t be surprised if they approach you – they are there to help. If you notice something that doesn’t seem right, please tell them and they will do the rest. We work closely with the police to ensure everyone can enjoy the event safely and securely.

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